B.E.E. Book

Bring Everything Everyday

This folder holds everything parents and students need to keep up to date with what is going on at school. BEE Books are important! They help students establish good organizational skills that are needed to be successful in school. Please make sure your child brings his/her BEE Book to school each day.

Kindergarten BEE Books include:

Daily Folder: Newsletters, school notes, lunch money, field trip permission slips, PTA notices, etc. will be placed in the daily folder. The hands located on each pocket indicate if papers are to be brought RIGHT back or LEFT at home. The daily folder is also a great way to communicate with Mrs. Davenport!

ABC Chart, Number Grid and Word Wall Words: Everyday your child will participate in a shared reading of the alphabet chart as well as counting to 100. They will also learn many high frequency words; we call these words “Word Wall Words”. These charts will be added as the year progresses and are for children to review at home (please keep all charts and word wall words inside the BEE Book!).


Class List & Schedule: A class list and schedule of our specials will be kept in the BEE Book for you to reference when needed. Information on class birthday celebrations is also listed for you.

Important Information: This is a list of important school telephone numbers